Thursday, May 2, 2019

We have covered about how to download your eAadhar card by EID, VID, Aadhar number (UID) last time. Now we will solve your curiosity about VID.

As you all know, Aadhar Number is mandatory for every India citizen but the problem of leaking data has been a headache. So the UIDAI release the Virtual ID, a 16-digits that can temporarily replace Aadhar Number.

What is Virtual ID exactly?

Virtual ID is consist of 16 numbers that are set randomly and is linked to the back-end of your original Aadhar Number. People can use the VID to perform any kind of authentication just like the Aadhar. Also, note that people cannot guess the Aadhar number based on the VID.

The VID lasts indefinitely or until the new VID is generated. User can generate a new VID after 1 day, doing this will deactivate the old one.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to generate or retrieve the VID.

Generating or Retrieving VID

First, you need to navigate to the official UIDAI homepage, Look for the “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” under the “Aadhar services” section and select it, or you can go straight to You will be brought to a new page with a blank Aadhar number box and a security box. Fill it with your 12-digits code and the security code then click on "Send OTP".

After the OTP message is sent to your phone, type it in the "Enter OTP" box and select between Generating or Retrieving VID. Finish that clicking the "Submit" button. You will receive your VID on your phone in a bit.

Simplified guide of the procedure

1. Go to the official website,

2. Select “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” under “Aadhar services”

3. Fill in your Aadhar number and the security code

4. Request OTP

5. Type your OTP in the box

6. Select either “Generating VID” or “Retrieving VID”

7. Submit

Congratulation, you have successfully generated your VID and you can find it through the message on your phone. In the case of retrieving option, your old VID will be sent instead.

FAQs: Generate and retrieve your Virtual ID

Q: I lost my Aadhar number, can I use another way to do the procedure?
A: No you cannot, there is currently only 1 way to do it. You can check how to check Aadhar number with name and date of birth to get your lost Aadhar number back.

Q: I lost my old phone number, what should I do?
A: You cannot finish the procedure without a registered phone number. Go to the Aadhar Enrolment Center to update your new phone number then use that number to get the VID.

Q: Can anyone else do the job for me?
A: No, you can only do it here on the official page. No other entity like AUA/KUA can do it for you.


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