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As you all know, registering for an Aadhar card is a mandatory procedure for every India citizens - including children from newborn to 15 years old. Is it any different in the process when you do it as an adult? Yes, there are some minor changes but the rest is pretty similar to the normal procedure.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Aadhar card for children

First, you need to find the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre by navigating to here. Before going the center, make sure you have prepared every important document about your child, including birth certificate, Aadhar card of the child’s parents if the child’s Date of Birth certificate is not available, the child’s photograph of that time and some other relevant documents.

Now that you are prepared, head to the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre to fill an enrolment form. After waiting for your turn, submit any required document and proceed to the next step.

Here are some differences, as normal you will be taken to scan for your biometric data, that is your 10 fingerprints and your iris. Children from 5 to 15 years have to undergo the same procedure while newborn to 5 years old children are exempt from it. Another note, for newborn to 5 years old children, every 5 years, they will need to resubmit their biometric data until they reach 15 years old, as it is the final data when they are in children stage.

After you have done the scanning process, the official will take a picture of your child. When all that done, you will an acknowledgment slip. You can check for your Aadhar status using EID on the slip, you can find more information on how to check it here, and the last thing you have to do is wait. When around 60 to 90 days passed, you will receive an Aadhar Card for your child.

A simplified guide on how to get Aadhar card for children

Step 1: Locate the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre here

Step 2: Prepare any necessary documents about your children

Step 3: Fill the enrolment form

Step 4: Submit any relevant documents

Step 5: Have your child's 10 fingers and their iris scanned, children below 5 years old are exempt from this process.

Step 6: Have your child’s photo taken

Step 7: Receive an acknowledgment slip and you are done

You will obtain your child’s Aadhar card by a dispatched officer within 90 days from the enrolment date.

FAQs: Getting Aadhar card for children

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: While it does not cost anything for registering, updating the Aadhar detail will cost 30 RS each time.

Q: Is it mandatory to update the Aadhar card detail after 15 years?
A: Yes, it is a must to update your children Aadhar detail. It should be done after a few minutes and can be done online.

Q: Can the registering process be done online?
A: No, you must do it at the Aadhar Enrolment Centre. There is no exception for children.

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