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What is an Aadhaar? Aadhaar is a series of number that consists of 12 digits in order to served as an identification for a person. Each India citizen must register one as it has a been made a mandatory law by the government. Non-India foreigner can also apply for an Aadhaar if they have stayed in India long enough, for more information please check this article. If you want to register for your children that are under 15 years old, read this instead.

If you already had an Aadhaar, you can check these article on how to update them or download them as an eAadhaar card.

What do you need to prepare before registering?

One thing you must remember, this procedure cannot be done online. You need to go to the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre to do it, you can find one by checking this website, it will point to the place you need to go.

Next, you need to arrange the necessary documents that can serve as:

- Proof for your identity: passport, PAN card, marriage form, your personal photo, etc.
- Verification of where you live: passport, driver license, water/electric bills in the last 3 months, etc.
- Information about your date of birth: Certificate of birth, passport, PAN card, etc.
- Confirmation of your relationship with the family head: PDS card, Medical card issued by the State, Registrar of Birth, etc.

Any one document from each category must be provided in order to have a successful Aadhaar registration.

If you have done preparing everything, you are ready to go.

What do you need to do next?

First, you need to fill an enrolment form, you either download from this website or just get one directly from the Enrolment Centre.

Next, you have to supply the forms altogether with your prepared documents to the official. After waiting for your verification, you will be asked to provide your biometric data, like fingerprint and eye's iris, and your current portrait photo.

When all that done, you will receive an acknowledgment slip. There is a 14-digit number (EID) written on the slip, you can use it to check your Aadhaar status. That means the slip is very important so you must not lose it.

Normally the time you need to wait is about 60 to 90 days for your new Aadhaar card to be sent to your home address. That is all.

A simplified guide for registering Aadhaar

Step 1: Prepare any necessary documents

Step 2: Fill in the enrolment form

Step 3: Apply them to the official in the nearest Enrolment Centre

Step 4: Provide your biometric data along with your photo

Step 5: Take the acknowledgment slip and leave

Now, wait for your Aadhaar card delivered to your house.

FAQs: Registering your Aadhaar for the first time
Q: Can I use Aadhaar card overseas?
A: No, you can only use your Aadhaar card in India, either you are a native citizen or a foreigner.

Q: Can I register an Aadhaar card if I am not an Indian citizen?
A: Yes, you can if you have already lived in India for 182 days in 1 year. You can check more information on How to avail an Aadhaar card if you are an NRI article.


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