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Sunday, June 2, 2019

What is an Aadhaar? Aadhaar is a series of number that consists of 12 digits in order to served as an identification for a person. Each India citizen must register one as it has a been made a mandatory law by the government. Non-India foreigner can also apply for an Aadhaar if they have stayed in India long enough, for more information please check this article. If you want to register for your children that are under 15 years old, read this instead.

If you already had an Aadhaar, you can check these article on how to update them or download them as an eAadhaar card.

What do you need to prepare before registering?

One thing you must remember, this procedure cannot be done online. You need to go to the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre to do it, you can find one by checking this website, it will point to the place you need to go.

Next, you need to arrange the necessary documents that can serve as:

- Proof for your identity: passport, PAN card, marriage form, your personal photo, etc.
- Verification of where you live: passport, driver license, water/electric bills in the last 3 months, etc.
- Information about your date of birth: Certificate of birth, passport, PAN card, etc.
- Confirmation of your relationship with the family head: PDS card, Medical card issued by the State, Registrar of Birth, etc.

Any one document from each category must be provided in order to have a successful Aadhaar registration.

If you have done preparing everything, you are ready to go.

What do you need to do next?

First, you need to fill an enrolment form, you either download from this website or just get one directly from the Enrolment Centre.

Next, you have to supply the forms altogether with your prepared documents to the official. After waiting for your verification, you will be asked to provide your biometric data, like fingerprint and eye's iris, and your current portrait photo.

When all that done, you will receive an acknowledgment slip. There is a 14-digit number (EID) written on the slip, you can use it to check your Aadhaar status. That means the slip is very important so you must not lose it.

Normally the time you need to wait is about 60 to 90 days for your new Aadhaar card to be sent to your home address. That is all.

A simplified guide for registering Aadhaar

Step 1: Prepare any necessary documents

Step 2: Fill in the enrolment form

Step 3: Apply them to the official in the nearest Enrolment Centre

Step 4: Provide your biometric data along with your photo

Step 5: Take the acknowledgment slip and leave

Now, wait for your Aadhaar card delivered to your house.

FAQs: Registering your Aadhaar for the first time
Q: Can I use Aadhaar card overseas?
A: No, you can only use your Aadhaar card in India, either you are a native citizen or a foreigner.

Q: Can I register an Aadhaar card if I am not an Indian citizen?
A: Yes, you can if you have already lived in India for 182 days in 1 year. You can check more information on How to avail an Aadhaar card if you are an NRI article.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

As you have already know how to update your Aadhar card, download them in the last few articles. Before, you have an option to not link your bank account with your Aadhar. But this procedure has also been made mandatory by the India government, and banks have an authority to disable any account that hasn't link to Aadhar.

There are quite a few ways to link them up, you can do it online, with your phone or physically go to your associated bank.

Linking your bank account online

If you have an Internet Banking account, which you mostly do, use your username/ID and password to log into your account. After that, look for "Update Aadhaar Card details", "Link Aadhaar card", "Aadhaar card Seeding", or any similar term, and click on them.

You will be brought to a new page with a few blank areas that you need to fill your information about your Aadhar card. Make sure it is accurate.

After you have finished and submitted the form, you will need to do the verification and validation from the bank. This will differ with each bank but they should be similar.

Either there is an error or you have success, you will receive a confirmation message to your email address and phone number.

A simplified guide on link bank account with Aadhar Online:

Step 1: Go to your bank website

Step 2: Log in with your registered ID and password

Step 3: Find any terms that are similar to "Link Aadhaar Card" then enter

Step 4: Fill any information they required

Step 5: Submit the form

Step 6: Complete any validation process from the bank

When you are done, whether fail or pass, you will receive your result via email and phone

Linking bank account with your phone or tablet

If you want to do the job by phone, there are also 3 ways to do it: by an app, by SMS, or by seeding.

1. Do the procedure by an app

Most banks have their own internet banking app for mobile phone. Search and download them based on your associated bank.

Log in with your account then navigate to "My account" section under the "Services" tab, find the "View/Update Aadhaar card details" and click on it. This part should be similar for most bank app.

Enter your Aadhar card number twice then click submit. The app will notify you if you are successfully linked with the Aadhar card.

2. Do the procedure by SMS

This method is not widely spread there are only a few banks provide SMS services. Here we will show an example with State Bank of India.

Type in a message UID<space>Aadhaar number<space>Account number then send to 567676 (or the number that your associated bank provides).

When your content was sent, a confirmation message will be sent to your phone. After that, you have to wait for the UIDAI to verify your detail and request. If it was a success, you will be notified to go to the nearest bank with your Aadhar card.

3. Do the procedure by seeding

This method is more popular, as it is easy and quicker, also don't need you to run to the bank. The service number is different with each bank. You can finish linking up with 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Give a missed call to the number provided by your bank

Step 2: You will receive a call-back from the bank, you can select your option with IVR (Interactive Voice Response), choose the linking with Aadhar option.

Step 3: Enter your Aadhar number then confirm

With this, you are done, easy right? If your request is accepted, a notification message will be sent to you.

Linking your bank account offline

There are two ways of doing this, either going to the nearest bank or the nearest ATM.

1. Go to your associate bank

First, you can prepare a bank account Aadhaar linking application form by download one online on your bank website. If you can't or it is not available, go to the bank instead. Also, make sure you make a photocopy of your Aadhar card.

After you finished filling in your information about your bank account and Aadhar number, give it together with the copy of your Aadhar card to a bank teller. You might be asked to show your original Aadhar card.

After you have submitted everything and the teller acknowledge it, your job is done here at the bank. The linking process will take a few days, and if it is a success, you will be notified with your registered phone number.

2. Do it with an ATM

If you don't want to wait then you can link with an ATM instead.

First, you have to put your bank card in and enter your PIN code. Then navigate to the "Registration" option under the "Service" menu, and find the "Aadhaar Registration" option then select it. Some bank changes the term or skips some steps but the process should be similar.

Fill in your Aadhar number and re-enter it again if you are asked to. You will get a confirmation message whether you have success linking your bank account to your Aadhar or not.

FAQs: Linking your bank account with your Aadhar card

Q: What is the deadline of linking a bank account to Aadhar card?
A: It is on 31st March 2018, as stated by the government.

Q: Can I link multiple bank accounts?
A: Yes, you can link multiple bank accounts, but you cannot with 2 bank accounts that originate from the same bank. Meaning only 1 account per unique bank.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

As you all know, registering for an Aadhar card is a mandatory procedure for every India citizens - including children from newborn to 15 years old. Is it any different in the process when you do it as an adult? Yes, there are some minor changes but the rest is pretty similar to the normal procedure.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Aadhar card for children

First, you need to find the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre by navigating to here. Before going the center, make sure you have prepared every important document about your child, including birth certificate, Aadhar card of the child’s parents if the child’s Date of Birth certificate is not available, the child’s photograph of that time and some other relevant documents.

Now that you are prepared, head to the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre to fill an enrolment form. After waiting for your turn, submit any required document and proceed to the next step.

Here are some differences, as normal you will be taken to scan for your biometric data, that is your 10 fingerprints and your iris. Children from 5 to 15 years have to undergo the same procedure while newborn to 5 years old children are exempt from it. Another note, for newborn to 5 years old children, every 5 years, they will need to resubmit their biometric data until they reach 15 years old, as it is the final data when they are in children stage.

After you have done the scanning process, the official will take a picture of your child. When all that done, you will an acknowledgment slip. You can check for your Aadhar status using EID on the slip, you can find more information on how to check it here, and the last thing you have to do is wait. When around 60 to 90 days passed, you will receive an Aadhar Card for your child.

A simplified guide on how to get Aadhar card for children

Step 1: Locate the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre here

Step 2: Prepare any necessary documents about your children

Step 3: Fill the enrolment form

Step 4: Submit any relevant documents

Step 5: Have your child's 10 fingers and their iris scanned, children below 5 years old are exempt from this process.

Step 6: Have your child’s photo taken

Step 7: Receive an acknowledgment slip and you are done

You will obtain your child’s Aadhar card by a dispatched officer within 90 days from the enrolment date.

FAQs: Getting Aadhar card for children

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: While it does not cost anything for registering, updating the Aadhar detail will cost 30 RS each time.

Q: Is it mandatory to update the Aadhar card detail after 15 years?
A: Yes, it is a must to update your children Aadhar detail. It should be done after a few minutes and can be done online.

Q: Can the registering process be done online?
A: No, you must do it at the Aadhar Enrolment Centre. There is no exception for children.

If you are a foreigner who decides to settle down India, you might worry about not having an Aadhar card and not be able to enjoy many benefits from the card. Have no fear, as in 2016, based on Aadhar Act, the privilege of having an Aadhar card is granted to those have stayed in India for 182 days or more.

The Aadhar card is a mandatory tool for citizen identification. If you wish to know more please visit this article on how to update your Aadhar detail.

Although many Non-resident Indians (NRI) might be afraid of having to go under complicated steps, the process itself is pretty similar to the normal procedure of getting Aadhar as an Indian.

Step-by-step guide on how to get an Aadhar Card as an NRI

First, you need to look for the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre from the UIDAI official page. After you found your target, you can start to travel to the place in order to register an Aadhar card. Before going, make sure you prepare your original documents, they are included your identification paper, photos, voter card, school metric certificate, etc.

When you have finished submitting your documents, you have to wait until the official check if you are eligible to get Aadhar or not.

If you have successfully verified, you will be called for biometric scanning where all of your fingers will be scanned to create a unique identity. Your iris will also be scanned after your fingers for the purpose of making your identity more unique and precise.

After you have finished all of the procedure, the official will take a photograph of you. This photo will be served as your picture identification on your future Aadhar card or documents.

Congratulation, you have done registering for your Aadhar, now you have to wait for your card to be dispatched, it should take around 60 to 90 days. Technically, you now have the same benefits as normal India citizens, you can check your Aadhar Card status, update it or download it as eAadhar card, etc.

A simplified guide on how to get an Aadhar Card as an NRI

Step 1: Search for the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre online

Step 2: Prepare any necessary documents about your identity

Step 3: Wait for verification, you will be informed if you are eligible to get Aadhar or not.

Step 4: If success, have your fingers and iris scanned.

Step 5: Have your picture taken

Step 6: You have finished registering for an Aadhar card, now all you have to do is wait for the card to be dispatched.

FAQs: Getting an Aadhar Card as an NRI

Q: What happened if I failed to verified for registering Aadhar Card?
A: There is nothing you can do except for waiting for a few more days and then try again.

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: The procedure should be similar to a normal process for India citizens, so it should be free.

Q: What happens if I leave India after I have successfully received my Aadhar Card?
A: Nothing, your Aadhar data is already registered in the database so it makes no difference if you decide to leave India temporary or permanently. 

Friday, May 3, 2019

"Mera Aadhaar-Meri Pehchaan" is the title caption of Aadhar Card, a government of India bio-metrics unique identification number generated based on bio-metrics system.  This article can provide you the details of Aadhar Card that contains what is Aadhaar card, why is it mandatory and if you have an Aadhar card then how you can update your Aadhaar card online.

In our last articles, we have provided information about Masked Aadhar card that can be more safe to use Aadhar card online which generate 8 digit Aadhaar card and you can download the masked Aadhar card easily.  We have also given information about how one can update mobile phone number in Aadhaar card online and how to find Aadhaar number, enrollment number using name, date of birth in case where you are applying new Aadhaar card online.

What is Aadhaar Card Number

Aadhaar is a unique Identification number issued by Government Of India to all the residents of India. Nowadays, Aadhaar has no less significance than a PAN card. UIDAI is a statutory authority set up by Government Of India for all the provisions for Aadhaar.

Why Aadhaar Card Number is Mandatory? 

The Supreme Court upheld its decision on the validity of Aadhaar card and It was mandated to link your Aadhaar card with your PAN card. But if there is any mistake or update left in your Aadhaar card details you would not be able to link them. Mistakes like the number, address or the other details have been written wrong on your Aadhaar card and updates like you have changed your number or Email ID or your child has grown up 5 or 15. Then it becomes mandatory to update your Aadhaar card details.

Other reason can be if you have not made any transaction like if you have not linked your Aadhaar with any account number or pan card for consecutive 3 years, it becomes inactive and there comes the need to update the Aadhaar card.

Following are the easy steps to update your Aadhaar:

According to UIDAI:

1. Update your details online

2. Request update by post (discontinued)

3. Visit a nearby enrollment center

1. Update Your Aadhar Card Details Online 

Only those people would be able to update Aadhaar online, who have registered their contact number with there Aadhaar card.

It has been mandated by the Supreme Court to register your mobile number with your Aadhaar card, as online transactions are OTP authenticated.

If you are using Self Service Update Portal (SSUP) for the online update you get the option to update your demographic details that are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • DOB
  • Gender
  • Mobile
  • And Email

Link for Self Service update portal is

2. Request Update Aadhaar Card By Post:

This service to update your Aadhaar Card has been discontinued by UIDAI with effect from JULY312018. 

3. Visit a Nearby Aadhaar Enrollment Center:

This service to update your Aadhaar Card is Easiest and reliable, this services will give you the benefit of updating your both the details i.e.

Demographic details like Name, Address, Date Of Birth, Gender, Mobile & Email

Bio-metrics like Finger Prints, Iris & Photograph.

BE sure to take your original documents to the Enrollment Center. These documents will be scanned and handed back to you after the update.

You can easily find an Enrollment Center near to you.

Aadhaar Card Fees For Update:

The update will be free for the online and postal update. However, by updating or correcting your Aadhaar Card through the enrollment center you just have to pay Rs. 25 each time.

After completing the update process through any of these methods you have to wait for the TURNAROUND TIME.

Have you recently updated or modified your Aadhar card then check Aadhar card update status and know if the correction have take place or not in your Aadhar.

Aadhar Card Turnaround Time:

According to UIDAI, the process of turnaround time for the update will take 90 days. Your request for the update will be verified by the UIDAI representatives. After your request is approved you can download your e-Aadhaar Card by “DOWNLOAD AADHAAR” on

Your updated Aadhaar Card will be delivered to you at the given address only in the case of update of Name, Address, Date of birth and gender. And for the update of mobile number or Email ID, only a notification will be sent on the given number or Email ID.

Government Of India has made this identity mandatory on some platforms. So this is your own benefit to update your Aadhaar card because it avails you many facilities and easiness through many services.

Are you looking for the information of Masked Aadhaar Card?  Do you know What is the Masked Aadhaar card and how to download Masked Aadhar Card? Then in this article we have given step by step guide to download the Masked Aadhar card online to mask your Aadhar card number.

When you proceed to download an Aadhaar card, you should have noticed you get the option to make a Masked Aadhar card instead. What are they? We will cover that in a second and also let you know how to download them.

In our previous articles, we have provided the step by step guidelines to update your Aadhaar card mobile phone number and how to check your Aadhaar card number or enrollment number by your name and date of birth.  You can refer the same to find your Aadhaar card number or can also update/modify mobile number.

Know more about how to Download e-Aadhar Card using mobile App, EID, VID or Aadhar Card Number Online.

If you already have Aadhar card and want to modify then you should know how to update your Aadhar card online or offline.  If you already have updated or modified Aadhar card then you should check Aadhar card update status online.

What is the Masked Aadhaar Card?

As you already know, Aadhar Card is a series of number make up of 12 verifiable digits that issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for the citizen of India. The process of registering for an Aadhar card is free of charge. But this also raises another problem where citizen's Aadhar data is being leaked illegally and this matter also reach the court. By seeing this as a serious problem, UIDAI starts to provide people a safer way to download Aadhaar Card. This is the birth of Masked Aadhaar Card.

downloaded Masked Aadhaar Card is pretty similar to a normal one. The difference is that instead of the visibility of all 12 digits, only 4 is in sight and the rest is hidden. Another variant is the Masked Aadhaar Card also provide other key detail like a photograph, QR code, demographic info, etc.

How to Download the Masked Aadhaar Card?

To start the process, first, you need to navigate to The procedure is similar when you download a normal Aadhar Card.

When you are in the official website, select the “Download Aadhaar” option from the Aadhar Online Service. Then you need to choose between Aadhar, VID or Enrollment ID from the “I have” section. By now you should notice there is an option to make Masked Aadhaar Card, select it.

Continue the procedure by filling in information about your full name, PIN Code, security code and Aadhaar, VID or Enrollment ID as you have selected earlier.

After a message informing you about UIDAI Consent will be displayed on your screen, select "I agree" and "Request OTP".

When you receive an OTP message on your phone after a while, enter them at the OTP area and you will be asked to do a quick survey. The survey consists of a few questions like how much time you spent at Aadhar Kendra, where did you visit for your enrollment or update, how was the behavior of the enrollment center, etc.

After all that done then you can finalize by downloading the Masked Aadhaar. In order to open it, you will need an 8-digit Masked Aadhaar password. The password must include the first 4 letters of your name and your year of birth that you registered. 

Simplified Step-By-Step Guide on Downloading Masked Aadhaar Card

1. Go to the official website,

2. Select “Download Aadhar” from the Aadhaar Online Service

3. Choose between Aadhar, VID or Enrollment ID in the “I have” section

4. Select “I want a Masked Aadhar?” option

5. Enter your full name, PIN Code, security code and Aadhar, VID or Enrolment ID base on what you selected.

6. Agree to the UIDAI Consent and select “Request OTP”

7. Input the OTP on your phone in the OTP area

8. Finish the quick survey

9. Download the Masked Aadhar

Create your 8-digits Masked Aadhar password in order to open it, the password must content your first 4 letter in your full name and your year of birth. 

FAQs - Masked Aadhaar Card

Q: Can I use DigiLocker to download Masked Aadhar? 

A: No, you cannot. This option is not available on DigiLocker, the only way is to go to the official website.

Q: If I update my personal information in my Aadhar, do I have to download the Aadhar again? 

A: Yes you might have to download the Aadhar again after you update.

If you are unable to update mobile phone number linking to your Aadhaar Card, then follow our articles posted on  If you want to know any other information on Aadhar Card Update then post your questions in comment.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Are you looking for the information about how to get your Aadhar Card Number or Aadhar Enrollment Number by your name and Birth Date, then this article is very helpful which is providing you details to check your Aadhaar Card number and Enrollment Number using official website portal of Aadhar.

You may have few questions like - How to get your Aadhaar from the Internet with just your name and dates of birth? then we have given very easy steps that can easily find your Aadhaar Card number or enrollment number.

More secured virtual Aadhar card has already launched and is known as Masked Aadhar card which is more secured to use your Aadhar card virtually.  Know how to download your Masked Aadhar card online.

Anyone can just easily download their Aadhar card, provided that they have the enrollment number. But life is unpredictable and few people will, some way or another, lose the number. However, there is a different way to get your Aadhaar card with just your name and dates of birth. Here we will show you how to do the feat.

Have you already applied or updated Aadhaar card online then you can easily check your Aadhar card update status online.

How To Get Your Aadhaar Number By Name and Date Of Birth

Looking for your Aadhar Number or Enrollment Number with your name and dates of birth? then, read the entire article and get your Aadhar card number or enrollment number by your Name and Date of Birth

Normally, you can get your Aadhaar card after 3 months when you start the enrollment at Aadhar card center. The moment you receive a message on your mobile notifying you that the process is done and you can use your enrollment number at but then again, you lost it. Fortunately, the government had prepared another way by utilizing your name and dates of birth.

In our previous article we have already provided information about how to update Aadhar Card Mobile Phone number.  Read the previous articles to know how to update your Aadhar Card Mobile Phone Number online.

Following are the simple steps that can help you to get your Aadhaar Card Number by Name, Date of Birth.

1. Navigate to this website.

2. Look to the left side of the page then select either “Aadhaar No (UID)” or “Enrollment No (EID)”.

3. Fill it the information about your full name, email address, your registered Mobile Phone Number and the security code.

4. After a while, you will receive an OTP (one-time password) on your phone.

5. Look on the right, you will see the “Enter OTP” column, fill it with the OTP you just got and verify.

6. Then you will receive another message informing you about your Aadhar Number or Enrollment Number base on what you select in step 2.

How To Get Your Aadhar Card By Aadhaar Number Or Enrollment Number

Following are the simple steps that can help you to get your Aadhaar Card with Aadhar Number or enrollment number.

Now that you have either Aadhar Number or Enrollment Number, you can start to request your Aadhaar Card to be downloaded. Here is how:

1. Navigate to

2. Select either “Aadhaar” or “Enrollment ID” under “I have:”.

3. Fill in the number along with your full name, PIN code, security code, and your mobile phone number.

4. Finalize by clicking the “Request OTP” button.

5. When you get the OTP in your phone, use it on the “Enter OTP” area, then select “Validate and Download”.

6. Congratulations!  Now you have downloaded the e-Aadhaar card. Use the PIN code as the password when you attempt to open the PDF file.

7. After that, you can proceed to print it out.

This procedure is the result of more and more people losing their enrollment slip. While the backup was able to solve your problem, it is much more troublesome and longer as you only need to do the second part if you do not lose the slip.

FAQs On How To Update/Correct Your Aadhaar Name

Q: I cannot access to 2 mentioned websites, what wrong with that?

A: Either the website may be under maintenance and should be back after a few minutes or you are outside India.

Q: If I lost my phone, what should I do?

A: You can go to the nearest retailed store of your services provider and ask for help.

Q: I don’t see any OTP sent to my phone after I requested it, what happened?

A: You might have typed your phone number wrong, please try again with the correct number. helps you to update your Aadhaar details which may have wrongly printed or if you want Aadhar Card to be updated with latest Address, new phone number, correction in first name, father name, husband name, last surname then you can follow the simple provided steps that can show you to Aadhar Card Update.

Are you looking for the information about how to update Aadhaar Card Online?  Do you want Aadhar Card Update information to change the Address, Phone number, Name or you want to apply Aadhar Card, then at we help you to update the Aadhar Card details and make necessary corrections.

"Mera Aadhaar - Meri Pehchan" is the slogan of Aadhar Card, an identity card given by Government Of India is a bio-metrics verified 12 digit unique number.  Know more about Aadhar Card.  We have started this website to provide all the information of Aadhar Card and also give you the details on Aadhaar Card Update to change the details such as Address, Name, Date of Birth or corrections.

In this article, we have provided information about how to link or change your mobile number with Aadhar Card.  Read the information given on this post and update your Aadhar card accordingly.
If you already have updated Aadhaar card then check your Aadhar card update status online.

In another article, we have provided information about how you can find Aadhar Card Number or Enrollment Number by your name and date of birth.

Step-By-Step Guide On How to Link Your Aadhaar Card With Your Phone Number

As a legal citizen of a country, you will need to have an ID card to identify yourself. In India, this ID card is called an Aadhaar Card. If you wish to know how to apply for one, please go to this <link> for more detail.

Anyhow, in 2017 it had become mandatory for every India citizen to link the card with their personal phone number. While it’s become troublesome to do it, there are many benefits after you have done the procedure. For example, when verifying your ITR using Aadhaar, an OTP (one-time password) will be sent to your linked phone number. The same way happened when you wish to change or update your personal information associated with your Aadhaar number via the internet.

There are 2 ways of getting the link done. We will show you a step-by-step guide on how to do both of them.

The first way is when you just started to link your phone number, this method cannot be done online, so you have to go to the nearest Aadhaar Centre. The other one is for those who wish or have to change to a new phone number, as in re-verifying the link. This way can be finished online and quite easy too.

How To Link Your Mobile To Aadhaar Card First Time?

Are you linking the mobile number with Aadhaar card first time, then we have given the guidelines that can help you to update your Aadhar card for first time with your mobile number.

Follow the given steps to know how you can link mobile number for the first time with your Aadhar Card.

You might need a few documents and things before starting to walk to the Aadhar Centre. To start, you have to prepare a filled Aadhaar update form (this form can be downloaded from the UIDAI website), a copy of your Aadhar card and a copy of any documents that prove your identity like PAN card, voter ID, Passport, etc.

After that, you need to get your thumb impression verified along with your biometrics. After everything is done, you begin the final part, get your acknowledgement slip and wait for a period of time for your update to take places, it should take around 5 to 10 days.

Simple Steps To Link Your Mobile Number With Aadhaar Card

1. Prepare an Aadhaar update form, a copy of your Aadhaar card and a copy of other identification documents.

2. Get your thumb pattern and your bio metrics verified.

3. Get your acknowledgement slip and wait until the update finish. 

How To Update/Change Aadhaar Card Mobile Phone Number Online? 

In any other case, you may want to update or change mobile number due to various cause such as lost mobile or shifted to other place or other reasons you want to update/change the Aadhar card mobile number then you simply have to follow the given steps so that your Aadhaar Card Mobile Number will be update.

To start you must have the old number functional and ready because the OTP will be sent to your old number, not the new one.

In the beginning, you have to navigate through the UIDAI website, find and select the Aadhar Update tab, this will bring you to a new page called Aadhaar Self-Service portal.

After that, you need to enter your Aadhaar number, verifying Captcha text and request for OTP. After waiting for a moment, the OTP will be sent to the old phone number. Use that OTP to access a new page, this page is where you start to update any information you wish. Next, you have to locate the Mobile Number field for update and put your new phone number in then submit it. After waiting a bit, another OTP will be sent to your new number, when you are done verifying, it means that your new phone number is now linked to your Aadhar.

Simple Steps To Update/Change Aadhaar Mobile Number Online

1. Go to the UIDAI website then get to Aadhaar Update tab.

2. Enter your Aadhaar number and verify the OTP.

3. Find Mobile Number field and enter your new phone number.

4. Verify another OTP with your new number and you are done. 

AADHAAR Card FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this process cost anything? A: No, it is completely free.

Q: What is the consequence if the procedure is not finished? A: The user will have their mobile phone disconnect with their Aadhaar until they re-verify it.

Q: If I am a disabled person or a senior and cannot go to the Centre to link for the first time, what should I do? A: The government will dispatch their representatives to the mentioned citizen’s home and provide them help with the procedure.

Q: If I don’t have an Aadhaar card, what should I do? A: There should a deadline before your phone number and your Aadhar disconnect. If you can apply for an Aadhaar card before the deadline, you should be fine.

Online Aadhar Card Update facility available at UIDAI website and you can make necessary corrections by providing the proofs or verify yourself using Registered Mobile OTP and then can update the Aadhaar Card according to your needs or info.  If you have any query or want to post on our website, then please leave comment.  We will surely help you in Aadhar Card Update!

We have covered about how to download your eAadhar card by EID, VID, Aadhar number (UID) last time. Now we will solve your curiosity about VID.

As you all know, Aadhar Number is mandatory for every India citizen but the problem of leaking data has been a headache. So the UIDAI release the Virtual ID, a 16-digits that can temporarily replace Aadhar Number.

What is Virtual ID exactly?

Virtual ID is consist of 16 numbers that are set randomly and is linked to the back-end of your original Aadhar Number. People can use the VID to perform any kind of authentication just like the Aadhar. Also, note that people cannot guess the Aadhar number based on the VID.

The VID lasts indefinitely or until the new VID is generated. User can generate a new VID after 1 day, doing this will deactivate the old one.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to generate or retrieve the VID.

Generating or Retrieving VID

First, you need to navigate to the official UIDAI homepage, Look for the “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” under the “Aadhar services” section and select it, or you can go straight to You will be brought to a new page with a blank Aadhar number box and a security box. Fill it with your 12-digits code and the security code then click on "Send OTP".

After the OTP message is sent to your phone, type it in the "Enter OTP" box and select between Generating or Retrieving VID. Finish that clicking the "Submit" button. You will receive your VID on your phone in a bit.

Simplified guide of the procedure

1. Go to the official website,

2. Select “Virtual ID (VID) Generator” under “Aadhar services”

3. Fill in your Aadhar number and the security code

4. Request OTP

5. Type your OTP in the box

6. Select either “Generating VID” or “Retrieving VID”

7. Submit

Congratulation, you have successfully generated your VID and you can find it through the message on your phone. In the case of retrieving option, your old VID will be sent instead.

FAQs: Generate and retrieve your Virtual ID

Q: I lost my Aadhar number, can I use another way to do the procedure?
A: No you cannot, there is currently only 1 way to do it. You can check how to check Aadhar number with name and date of birth to get your lost Aadhar number back.

Q: I lost my old phone number, what should I do?
A: You cannot finish the procedure without a registered phone number. Go to the Aadhar Enrolment Center to update your new phone number then use that number to get the VID.

Q: Can anyone else do the job for me?
A: No, you can only do it here on the official page. No other entity like AUA/KUA can do it for you.

As we all know that Aadhar has been an inseparable part of India citizen and we already talked about how to download eAadhar card inmany ways. Now we will tell you about how to validate your signature on your eAadhar card.

Why you have to validate your signature?

An eAadhar with Signature Validity Unknown is just the same scrap of paper. So it is very important to validate your signature as it will make your eAadhar fully authentic and authorized.

What are the steps?

After you have successfully downloaded your eAadhar to your computer, open the PDF file with Adobe Reader from UIDAI Resident Portal. Your password should be either the PIN code you entered during the normal eAadhar downloading procedure or your 8-digits password, consist of 4 first letters of your name together with your year of birth, for your Masked eAadhar. For more details please check on how to download eAadhar and MaskedeAadhar articles.

Next search for the “validity unknown” icon with a question mark, then right click on it. After that select “Signature Properties” on the list and a properties window will appear on your screen.

Click on the ‘’Show Certificate” button and navigate to the “Trust” tab then select "Add to trusted Certificates…" button. You will be brought to a new window and on that window, there are several unchecked boxes, check all of them.

Finally, click “OK” two times then “Validate Signature” and you are done. Easy, right?

Simplified guide on Signature Validation

1. Download your eAadhar in PDF form

2. Open it with your password

3. Click on the “validity unknown” box

4. Select “Signature Properties”

5. Select “Show Certificate”

6. Navigate to “Trust” tab

7. Click on “Add to trusted Certificates…” button

8. Check all the boxes

9. Confirm 2 times then Validate

Congratulation! You have finished your signature validation procedure.

FAQs: Your signature validation on your eAadhar Card

Q: What is my eAadhar password?
A: Either your pin code or an 8-digits password contains your name and birth year, check the articles on how to download Aadhar and Masked Aadhar.

Q: I already click validate my signature but it is still unknown, what should I do?
A: It should be a bug, open the properties window and validate again.

Q: Why do I have to validate my signature?
A: Without validating, your newly printed eAadhar card won't be able to authorize anything.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

You may have heard about the QR Code on your daily life, like for download, verification, etc. But you may not expect that QR Code appears on your Aadhar card. Please check out below for more details.

As the technology keeps evolving day-by-day, the UIDAI also try to keep their citizens’ profile safe so they turn all any non-sensitive data into QR Code. Instead of using the conventional 12-digits Aadhar number, user can use this QR Code for offline verification as a safety measure.

A QR Code is a bar code that contains machine-readable information. As the QR Code can be used for offline verification, user can just blacken their Aadhar number so others cannot see it. For example, when you purchase something online and someone delivering the good is standing at your front door, Aadhar holder can show the QR Code instead of Aadhar number for scanning to prove their identity. As you can see, the Aadhar number is not shown during the entire process of the verification, this will ensure the safety of the citizen.

Non-sensitive information like user’s full name, gender, address, and date of birth together with photo is transformed into a QR Code. While other sensitive data like bank account ID, biometric, etc… is not included in the code. This also means the detail about the Aadhar holder is genuine and not through any mean of tampered documents.

How to obtain the QR Code? It actually very easy since it already integrated with the traditional eAadhar Download. You can see more information about downloading eAadhar here.

As for scanning? User can use the Aadhar scanner application in order to scan the QR Code. Just use any smartphone with the app installed to scan the code, you will receive the information that is in the code on your phone.

FAQs: Verifying eAadhar Card Offline with QR Code

Q: So I can use the QR Code in ANY kind of verification?
A: Yes, you can use the code to prove your identity to any kind of non-statutory entities.

Q: I wish to use the QR Code, how do I download it?
A: As it is said in the article, the code will automatically be printed on your eAadhar Card when you download it.

Q: Which place I cannot use the QR Code for verification?
A: Some places that required your Aadhar number under the law like the bank, telecom companies, etc… user have to go through the normal way of authentication. 

Do you want to download Aadhar card soft copy?  Do you want to download your Aadhaar card online then read this article where we have given information about how you can download Aadhaar card using your Aadhar card number or enrollment number, or virtual id or using mobile Apps.

We have provided very simple steps that can help you to update your Aadhar card details online or offline and if you have updated Aadhar card details then know how to check the Aadhar card update status online or offline using your Aadhaar card number.

How to download e-Aadhar Card Using EID, VID or Aadhar Card Number Online or Mobile App

Every India citizen is required to have their Aadhar to prove their identity. Aadhar can be downloaded online as in e-Aadhar form by using your Enrollment ID (EID), Virtual ID (VID), or Aadhar ID, Mobile App.

Here we will show you 3 guides on downloading the Aadhar with each way:

Download Your Aadhar Card Using your Enrollment ID (EID)

The EID is recorded on the acknowledgment slip. You will receive the slip after you have done the Aadhar enrollment at the Enrollment Center.

First, you need to navigate to the official website, Then find the “Download Aadhar” option and select it, or you can just go here,

On the “I have” section, you can see 3 option: EID, VID or Aadhar, select “EID”. Enter your 14-digits enrollment ID and 14-digits time and dates value after selecting.

You can check the option to create your Masked Aadhar Card. For more detail information please go to know about Aadhar card new version Masked Aadhaar Card which is more secured and safe to use your Aadhar card

Fill in the information about your full name, PIN Code and security code and click on request OTP. After a while, a message about OTP will appear on your phone, enter your OTP in the OTP area. Finish it with clicking the “Download Aadhar” button.

Here is the simplified version of the guide:

1. Go to

2. Select the “Download Aadhar” option or go to

3. On the 3 options of “I have”, select EID

4. Fill in the 14-digits EID and the 14-digits time and dates value

5. Fill in your full name, PIN Code, security code

6. Request OTP

7. Enter OTP

8. Select “Download Aadhar” button

Download Your Aadhaar Card Online Using your Virtual ID (VID)

You can get your Virtual ID by generating them through the official website. Unless you wish to get VID instead, please check on <link> for more information. This latest procedure is pretty much the same as when you use the EID to download Aadhar.

First, you go to the official page and select “Download Aadhar” option. After this part, you select VID instead of EID in the “I have” section.

Enter your 16-digits VID, your full name, PIN Code and security code. You also have the option to make Masked Aadhar just like when you do with EID. Then click on “Request OTP” and enter them after you receive the message.

Finally, click on “Download Aadhar” and your e-Aadhar will be downloaded.

Here the simplified version:

1. Navigate to the official website

2. Select “Download Aadhar” option

3. Choose VID between the 3 in the “I have” section

4. Full in your VID, full name, PIN Code, security code

5. Request OTP

6. Enter the OTP you received on your phone in the OTP area

7. Download Aadhar

Download Aadhar Card Using your Aadhaar Number

If you have your Aadhar ID number on hand, you can use it to download e-Aadhar. The process is almost identical to the other two but with some small additions.

You start by go the official website as always, and select “Download Aadhar”. Choose Aadhar this time in the “I have” section.

Fill in your 12-digits Aadhar Number, full name, PIN Code, security code. As the same as others, you can check the Masked option to make one.

Next, request your OTP and wait till the message is sent to your phone. After you got the OTP, enter it in the OTP area. When you are done, you will be prompt to do a quick survey. The survey will be mostly about your experience during the enrollment. Complete the survey then proceed to download the e-Aadhar by clicking the “Verify and Download” button.

Here the guide in simple form to download Aadhar Card Online:

1. Find the “Download Aadhar” selection in the official website

2. Choose Aadhar in the “I have” section

3. Fill in your 12-digits Aadhar number, full name, PIN Code, security code

4. Request OTP

5. Enter OTP when you receive it

6. Finish the quick survey

7. Click the “Verify and Download” to finish

FAQs: How To Download Aadhaar Card Online Apps

Q: I start to use a new phone number and I wish to download Aadhar card, what should I do?

A: You have to go to the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center with an acknowledgment number to get your new mobile number updated.

Q: Which app can I use to download Aadhar?

A: You can use the mAadhaar app to do the job.

Q: If I update my personal information in my Aadhar, do I have to download the Aadhar again?

A: Yes you might have to download the Aadhar again after you update.

Have you recently updated your Aadhar Card?  Have you changed your Aadhar card mobile phone number, email, address or have corrected your first name, father or husband name, last name in Aadhar?  Then you should check whether your Aadhar card has been updated or not.  Do you know how to check Aadhar card updated status online?  In this article we have given information about how to check the Aadhar card update status online.

In our previous article, we have provided information about how you can change your mobile phone number in Aadhar.  If you want to change your mobile number in Aadhar, then you can follow the simple steps that can help you to update your mobile number in Aadhar.

How to check your Aadhar card update status? 

We are providing the Aadhar Card Update information in this website and hence we surely help you to make your Aadhar card updated by providing relevant information details which can help you to update your Aadhar.

Here, we have provided information about how to check your Aadhar card update status online.  If you have made any correction in Aadhar, then you should check the status of Aadhar update online on given official links.  Make sure, you have the necessary things that need to be fill during the status checking steps.

So after you finish to the procedure to update your Aadhar following on How to update your Aadhar Card online or offline guide. You wonder if you are able to check your update status?

The answer is yes and you can even do it with a few different ways too.

Online Method: Check Aadhar Status With URN or SRN

Here below is the guide on how to check your Aadhar card update status online

This method is pretty easy and straight-forward too, provided you have a URN or SRN on hand. What are they, you ask?

URN, stand for Update Request Number, is a 14-digit number which is given to you after you request an Aadhar update through Aadhar Enrollment Center.

SRN, on the other hand, which stands for Service Request Number and is granted to you via phone message when you update your Aadhar through Aadhar Self Service Update Portal ( The SRN has the same amount of digits as the URN, 14.

First, you need to navigate to the UIDAI official page, Find “Check Aadhar Update Status” in the “Update Aadhar” section then select it. You will be transferred to a new page which contains Aadhar, URN, SRN and text verification box.

Fill your Aadhar number in the Aadhar box then fill either URN or SRN based on what you currently have. Finish with the text verification code and click on “Get status” button. You will see your update status afterward.

Simplified Guide To Check Aadhar Status Online

1. Go to the official website

2. Navigate to “Check Aadhar Update Status”

3. Fill in your Aadhar number, security text, and URN or SRN

4. Click “Get status”

Offline Method: Check Aadhar Status By Going to the Center

You can also check your update status by going straight to the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center or Permanent Aadhar Center (PAC). It is not necessary to go to the same office when you did the enrollment, just make sure you have your acknowledge slip and URN in hand. As for the procedure, just go straight to the counter and ask the person-in-charge for your update status, they will check the database and inform the result to you after a few minutes.

Check Aadhar Update Status By Calling the toll-free number

Just pick your phone and dial 1947 for Aadhar support. Make sure your Enrollment ID is ready.

By sending a phone message

By sending a message containing “UID Status <14-digits EID without slashes>” to 51969, you will get a message about your Aadhar status.

How To Get Update Aadhar Card Through India Post

Normally, you will get your Aadhar card through the post within 60 to 90 days after UIDAI has done processing your change. Read the article on how to update your Aadhar card details online or offline.

You can send some of your information like Enrollment ID, Date and Time of your Enrollment to UIDAI to the following address via post. After a few days, you will get your result back in the same way.

Address to send via post
Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills,
Hyderabad-500034, India

FAQs on Aadhar Update Status 

Q: What if I forgot my EID and misplaced my Acknowledgement Slip?

A: That is not a problem either. You can get your EID back with your name and date of birth. You can check our article on how to get Aadhar card number by name and date of birth for more detail information:

Q: Why is this “Incorrect URN number” show up? What should I do?

A: One of the problems is that you type it wrong, make sure the 14-digits URN is entered without slashes. Another solution is that you can call Aadhar support with 1947 and issue your problem. The last problem is that your update request has been rejected, so you have to do the Aadhar update process again to get the new URN.

Check Aadhaar Card Status Online/Offline

If you have made any corrections, updates in your Aadhaar card online portals or offline at Aadhar service centers, then you should check your Aadhar card status online or offline.

Download Secure Masked eAadhaar Card Online

To use your Aadhar card number virtually, you should go with more safe steps while using the Aadhar number online. Now, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) make Aadhar card more safer using Masked Aadhar Card or eAadhaar. Know more about Masked eAadhaar and how to download Masked eAadhar card online.