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Sunday, May 5, 2019

If you are a foreigner who decides to settle down India, you might worry about not having an Aadhar card and not be able to enjoy many benefits from the card. Have no fear, as in 2016, based on Aadhar Act, the privilege of having an Aadhar card is granted to those have stayed in India for 182 days or more.

The Aadhar card is a mandatory tool for citizen identification. If you wish to know more please visit this article on how to update your Aadhar detail.

Although many Non-resident Indians (NRI) might be afraid of having to go under complicated steps, the process itself is pretty similar to the normal procedure of getting Aadhar as an Indian.

Step-by-step guide on how to get an Aadhar Card as an NRI

First, you need to look for the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre from the UIDAI official page. After you found your target, you can start to travel to the place in order to register an Aadhar card. Before going, make sure you prepare your original documents, they are included your identification paper, photos, voter card, school metric certificate, etc.

When you have finished submitting your documents, you have to wait until the official check if you are eligible to get Aadhar or not.

If you have successfully verified, you will be called for biometric scanning where all of your fingers will be scanned to create a unique identity. Your iris will also be scanned after your fingers for the purpose of making your identity more unique and precise.

After you have finished all of the procedure, the official will take a photograph of you. This photo will be served as your picture identification on your future Aadhar card or documents.

Congratulation, you have done registering for your Aadhar, now you have to wait for your card to be dispatched, it should take around 60 to 90 days. Technically, you now have the same benefits as normal India citizens, you can check your Aadhar Card status, update it or download it as eAadhar card, etc.

A simplified guide on how to get an Aadhar Card as an NRI

Step 1: Search for the nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre online

Step 2: Prepare any necessary documents about your identity

Step 3: Wait for verification, you will be informed if you are eligible to get Aadhar or not.

Step 4: If success, have your fingers and iris scanned.

Step 5: Have your picture taken

Step 6: You have finished registering for an Aadhar card, now all you have to do is wait for the card to be dispatched.

FAQs: Getting an Aadhar Card as an NRI

Q: What happened if I failed to verified for registering Aadhar Card?
A: There is nothing you can do except for waiting for a few more days and then try again.

Q: Does it cost anything?
A: The procedure should be similar to a normal process for India citizens, so it should be free.

Q: What happens if I leave India after I have successfully received my Aadhar Card?
A: Nothing, your Aadhar data is already registered in the database so it makes no difference if you decide to leave India temporary or permanently. 

Friday, May 3, 2019

Are you looking for the information of Masked Aadhaar Card?  Do you know What is the Masked Aadhaar card and how to download Masked Aadhar Card? Then in this article we have given step by step guide to download the Masked Aadhar card online to mask your Aadhar card number.

When you proceed to download an Aadhaar card, you should have noticed you get the option to make a Masked Aadhar card instead. What are they? We will cover that in a second and also let you know how to download them.

In our previous articles, we have provided the step by step guidelines to update your Aadhaar card mobile phone number and how to check your Aadhaar card number or enrollment number by your name and date of birth.  You can refer the same to find your Aadhaar card number or can also update/modify mobile number.

Know more about how to Download e-Aadhar Card using mobile App, EID, VID or Aadhar Card Number Online.

If you already have Aadhar card and want to modify then you should know how to update your Aadhar card online or offline.  If you already have updated or modified Aadhar card then you should check Aadhar card update status online.

What is the Masked Aadhaar Card?

As you already know, Aadhar Card is a series of number make up of 12 verifiable digits that issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) for the citizen of India. The process of registering for an Aadhar card is free of charge. But this also raises another problem where citizen's Aadhar data is being leaked illegally and this matter also reach the court. By seeing this as a serious problem, UIDAI starts to provide people a safer way to download Aadhaar Card. This is the birth of Masked Aadhaar Card.

downloaded Masked Aadhaar Card is pretty similar to a normal one. The difference is that instead of the visibility of all 12 digits, only 4 is in sight and the rest is hidden. Another variant is the Masked Aadhaar Card also provide other key detail like a photograph, QR code, demographic info, etc.

How to Download the Masked Aadhaar Card?

To start the process, first, you need to navigate to The procedure is similar when you download a normal Aadhar Card.

When you are in the official website, select the “Download Aadhaar” option from the Aadhar Online Service. Then you need to choose between Aadhar, VID or Enrollment ID from the “I have” section. By now you should notice there is an option to make Masked Aadhaar Card, select it.

Continue the procedure by filling in information about your full name, PIN Code, security code and Aadhaar, VID or Enrollment ID as you have selected earlier.

After a message informing you about UIDAI Consent will be displayed on your screen, select "I agree" and "Request OTP".

When you receive an OTP message on your phone after a while, enter them at the OTP area and you will be asked to do a quick survey. The survey consists of a few questions like how much time you spent at Aadhar Kendra, where did you visit for your enrollment or update, how was the behavior of the enrollment center, etc.

After all that done then you can finalize by downloading the Masked Aadhaar. In order to open it, you will need an 8-digit Masked Aadhaar password. The password must include the first 4 letters of your name and your year of birth that you registered. 

Simplified Step-By-Step Guide on Downloading Masked Aadhaar Card

1. Go to the official website,

2. Select “Download Aadhar” from the Aadhaar Online Service

3. Choose between Aadhar, VID or Enrollment ID in the “I have” section

4. Select “I want a Masked Aadhar?” option

5. Enter your full name, PIN Code, security code and Aadhar, VID or Enrolment ID base on what you selected.

6. Agree to the UIDAI Consent and select “Request OTP”

7. Input the OTP on your phone in the OTP area

8. Finish the quick survey

9. Download the Masked Aadhar

Create your 8-digits Masked Aadhar password in order to open it, the password must content your first 4 letter in your full name and your year of birth. 

FAQs - Masked Aadhaar Card

Q: Can I use DigiLocker to download Masked Aadhar? 

A: No, you cannot. This option is not available on DigiLocker, the only way is to go to the official website.

Q: If I update my personal information in my Aadhar, do I have to download the Aadhar again? 

A: Yes you might have to download the Aadhar again after you update.

If you are unable to update mobile phone number linking to your Aadhaar Card, then follow our articles posted on  If you want to know any other information on Aadhar Card Update then post your questions in comment.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Are you looking for the information about how to update Aadhaar Card Online?  Do you want Aadhar Card Update information to change the Address, Phone number, Name or you want to apply Aadhar Card, then at we help you to update the Aadhar Card details and make necessary corrections.

"Mera Aadhaar - Meri Pehchan" is the slogan of Aadhar Card, an identity card given by Government Of India is a bio-metrics verified 12 digit unique number.  Know more about Aadhar Card.  We have started this website to provide all the information of Aadhar Card and also give you the details on Aadhaar Card Update to change the details such as Address, Name, Date of Birth or corrections.

In this article, we have provided information about how to link or change your mobile number with Aadhar Card.  Read the information given on this post and update your Aadhar card accordingly.
If you already have updated Aadhaar card then check your Aadhar card update status online.

In another article, we have provided information about how you can find Aadhar Card Number or Enrollment Number by your name and date of birth.

Step-By-Step Guide On How to Link Your Aadhaar Card With Your Phone Number

As a legal citizen of a country, you will need to have an ID card to identify yourself. In India, this ID card is called an Aadhaar Card. If you wish to know how to apply for one, please go to this <link> for more detail.

Anyhow, in 2017 it had become mandatory for every India citizen to link the card with their personal phone number. While it’s become troublesome to do it, there are many benefits after you have done the procedure. For example, when verifying your ITR using Aadhaar, an OTP (one-time password) will be sent to your linked phone number. The same way happened when you wish to change or update your personal information associated with your Aadhaar number via the internet.

There are 2 ways of getting the link done. We will show you a step-by-step guide on how to do both of them.

The first way is when you just started to link your phone number, this method cannot be done online, so you have to go to the nearest Aadhaar Centre. The other one is for those who wish or have to change to a new phone number, as in re-verifying the link. This way can be finished online and quite easy too.

How To Link Your Mobile To Aadhaar Card First Time?

Are you linking the mobile number with Aadhaar card first time, then we have given the guidelines that can help you to update your Aadhar card for first time with your mobile number.

Follow the given steps to know how you can link mobile number for the first time with your Aadhar Card.

You might need a few documents and things before starting to walk to the Aadhar Centre. To start, you have to prepare a filled Aadhaar update form (this form can be downloaded from the UIDAI website), a copy of your Aadhar card and a copy of any documents that prove your identity like PAN card, voter ID, Passport, etc.

After that, you need to get your thumb impression verified along with your biometrics. After everything is done, you begin the final part, get your acknowledgement slip and wait for a period of time for your update to take places, it should take around 5 to 10 days.

Simple Steps To Link Your Mobile Number With Aadhaar Card

1. Prepare an Aadhaar update form, a copy of your Aadhaar card and a copy of other identification documents.

2. Get your thumb pattern and your bio metrics verified.

3. Get your acknowledgement slip and wait until the update finish. 

How To Update/Change Aadhaar Card Mobile Phone Number Online? 

In any other case, you may want to update or change mobile number due to various cause such as lost mobile or shifted to other place or other reasons you want to update/change the Aadhar card mobile number then you simply have to follow the given steps so that your Aadhaar Card Mobile Number will be update.

To start you must have the old number functional and ready because the OTP will be sent to your old number, not the new one.

In the beginning, you have to navigate through the UIDAI website, find and select the Aadhar Update tab, this will bring you to a new page called Aadhaar Self-Service portal.

After that, you need to enter your Aadhaar number, verifying Captcha text and request for OTP. After waiting for a moment, the OTP will be sent to the old phone number. Use that OTP to access a new page, this page is where you start to update any information you wish. Next, you have to locate the Mobile Number field for update and put your new phone number in then submit it. After waiting a bit, another OTP will be sent to your new number, when you are done verifying, it means that your new phone number is now linked to your Aadhar.

Simple Steps To Update/Change Aadhaar Mobile Number Online

1. Go to the UIDAI website then get to Aadhaar Update tab.

2. Enter your Aadhaar number and verify the OTP.

3. Find Mobile Number field and enter your new phone number.

4. Verify another OTP with your new number and you are done. 

AADHAAR Card FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this process cost anything? A: No, it is completely free.

Q: What is the consequence if the procedure is not finished? A: The user will have their mobile phone disconnect with their Aadhaar until they re-verify it.

Q: If I am a disabled person or a senior and cannot go to the Centre to link for the first time, what should I do? A: The government will dispatch their representatives to the mentioned citizen’s home and provide them help with the procedure.

Q: If I don’t have an Aadhaar card, what should I do? A: There should a deadline before your phone number and your Aadhar disconnect. If you can apply for an Aadhaar card before the deadline, you should be fine.

Online Aadhar Card Update facility available at UIDAI website and you can make necessary corrections by providing the proofs or verify yourself using Registered Mobile OTP and then can update the Aadhaar Card according to your needs or info.  If you have any query or want to post on our website, then please leave comment.  We will surely help you in Aadhar Card Update!

Check Aadhaar Card Status Online/Offline

If you have made any corrections, updates in your Aadhaar card online portals or offline at Aadhar service centers, then you should check your Aadhar card status online or offline.

Download Secure Masked eAadhaar Card Online

To use your Aadhar card number virtually, you should go with more safe steps while using the Aadhar number online. Now, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) make Aadhar card more safer using Masked Aadhar Card or eAadhaar. Know more about Masked eAadhaar and how to download Masked eAadhar card online.