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Thursday, May 2, 2019

As we all know that Aadhar has been an inseparable part of India citizen and we already talked about how to download eAadhar card inmany ways. Now we will tell you about how to validate your signature on your eAadhar card.

Why you have to validate your signature?

An eAadhar with Signature Validity Unknown is just the same scrap of paper. So it is very important to validate your signature as it will make your eAadhar fully authentic and authorized.

What are the steps?

After you have successfully downloaded your eAadhar to your computer, open the PDF file with Adobe Reader from UIDAI Resident Portal. Your password should be either the PIN code you entered during the normal eAadhar downloading procedure or your 8-digits password, consist of 4 first letters of your name together with your year of birth, for your Masked eAadhar. For more details please check on how to download eAadhar and MaskedeAadhar articles.

Next search for the “validity unknown” icon with a question mark, then right click on it. After that select “Signature Properties” on the list and a properties window will appear on your screen.

Click on the ‘’Show Certificate” button and navigate to the “Trust” tab then select "Add to trusted Certificates…" button. You will be brought to a new window and on that window, there are several unchecked boxes, check all of them.

Finally, click “OK” two times then “Validate Signature” and you are done. Easy, right?

Simplified guide on Signature Validation

1. Download your eAadhar in PDF form

2. Open it with your password

3. Click on the “validity unknown” box

4. Select “Signature Properties”

5. Select “Show Certificate”

6. Navigate to “Trust” tab

7. Click on “Add to trusted Certificates…” button

8. Check all the boxes

9. Confirm 2 times then Validate

Congratulation! You have finished your signature validation procedure.

FAQs: Your signature validation on your eAadhar Card

Q: What is my eAadhar password?
A: Either your pin code or an 8-digits password contains your name and birth year, check the articles on how to download Aadhar and Masked Aadhar.

Q: I already click validate my signature but it is still unknown, what should I do?
A: It should be a bug, open the properties window and validate again.

Q: Why do I have to validate my signature?
A: Without validating, your newly printed eAadhar card won't be able to authorize anything.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

You may have heard about the QR Code on your daily life, like for download, verification, etc. But you may not expect that QR Code appears on your Aadhar card. Please check out below for more details.

As the technology keeps evolving day-by-day, the UIDAI also try to keep their citizens’ profile safe so they turn all any non-sensitive data into QR Code. Instead of using the conventional 12-digits Aadhar number, user can use this QR Code for offline verification as a safety measure.

A QR Code is a bar code that contains machine-readable information. As the QR Code can be used for offline verification, user can just blacken their Aadhar number so others cannot see it. For example, when you purchase something online and someone delivering the good is standing at your front door, Aadhar holder can show the QR Code instead of Aadhar number for scanning to prove their identity. As you can see, the Aadhar number is not shown during the entire process of the verification, this will ensure the safety of the citizen.

Non-sensitive information like user’s full name, gender, address, and date of birth together with photo is transformed into a QR Code. While other sensitive data like bank account ID, biometric, etc… is not included in the code. This also means the detail about the Aadhar holder is genuine and not through any mean of tampered documents.

How to obtain the QR Code? It actually very easy since it already integrated with the traditional eAadhar Download. You can see more information about downloading eAadhar here.

As for scanning? User can use the Aadhar scanner application in order to scan the QR Code. Just use any smartphone with the app installed to scan the code, you will receive the information that is in the code on your phone.

FAQs: Verifying eAadhar Card Offline with QR Code

Q: So I can use the QR Code in ANY kind of verification?
A: Yes, you can use the code to prove your identity to any kind of non-statutory entities.

Q: I wish to use the QR Code, how do I download it?
A: As it is said in the article, the code will automatically be printed on your eAadhar Card when you download it.

Q: Which place I cannot use the QR Code for verification?
A: Some places that required your Aadhar number under the law like the bank, telecom companies, etc… user have to go through the normal way of authentication. 

Do you want to download Aadhar card soft copy?  Do you want to download your Aadhaar card online then read this article where we have given information about how you can download Aadhaar card using your Aadhar card number or enrollment number, or virtual id or using mobile Apps.

We have provided very simple steps that can help you to update your Aadhar card details online or offline and if you have updated Aadhar card details then know how to check the Aadhar card update status online or offline using your Aadhaar card number.

How to download e-Aadhar Card Using EID, VID or Aadhar Card Number Online or Mobile App

Every India citizen is required to have their Aadhar to prove their identity. Aadhar can be downloaded online as in e-Aadhar form by using your Enrollment ID (EID), Virtual ID (VID), or Aadhar ID, Mobile App.

Here we will show you 3 guides on downloading the Aadhar with each way:

Download Your Aadhar Card Using your Enrollment ID (EID)

The EID is recorded on the acknowledgment slip. You will receive the slip after you have done the Aadhar enrollment at the Enrollment Center.

First, you need to navigate to the official website, Then find the “Download Aadhar” option and select it, or you can just go here,

On the “I have” section, you can see 3 option: EID, VID or Aadhar, select “EID”. Enter your 14-digits enrollment ID and 14-digits time and dates value after selecting.

You can check the option to create your Masked Aadhar Card. For more detail information please go to know about Aadhar card new version Masked Aadhaar Card which is more secured and safe to use your Aadhar card

Fill in the information about your full name, PIN Code and security code and click on request OTP. After a while, a message about OTP will appear on your phone, enter your OTP in the OTP area. Finish it with clicking the “Download Aadhar” button.

Here is the simplified version of the guide:

1. Go to

2. Select the “Download Aadhar” option or go to

3. On the 3 options of “I have”, select EID

4. Fill in the 14-digits EID and the 14-digits time and dates value

5. Fill in your full name, PIN Code, security code

6. Request OTP

7. Enter OTP

8. Select “Download Aadhar” button

Download Your Aadhaar Card Online Using your Virtual ID (VID)

You can get your Virtual ID by generating them through the official website. Unless you wish to get VID instead, please check on <link> for more information. This latest procedure is pretty much the same as when you use the EID to download Aadhar.

First, you go to the official page and select “Download Aadhar” option. After this part, you select VID instead of EID in the “I have” section.

Enter your 16-digits VID, your full name, PIN Code and security code. You also have the option to make Masked Aadhar just like when you do with EID. Then click on “Request OTP” and enter them after you receive the message.

Finally, click on “Download Aadhar” and your e-Aadhar will be downloaded.

Here the simplified version:

1. Navigate to the official website

2. Select “Download Aadhar” option

3. Choose VID between the 3 in the “I have” section

4. Full in your VID, full name, PIN Code, security code

5. Request OTP

6. Enter the OTP you received on your phone in the OTP area

7. Download Aadhar

Download Aadhar Card Using your Aadhaar Number

If you have your Aadhar ID number on hand, you can use it to download e-Aadhar. The process is almost identical to the other two but with some small additions.

You start by go the official website as always, and select “Download Aadhar”. Choose Aadhar this time in the “I have” section.

Fill in your 12-digits Aadhar Number, full name, PIN Code, security code. As the same as others, you can check the Masked option to make one.

Next, request your OTP and wait till the message is sent to your phone. After you got the OTP, enter it in the OTP area. When you are done, you will be prompt to do a quick survey. The survey will be mostly about your experience during the enrollment. Complete the survey then proceed to download the e-Aadhar by clicking the “Verify and Download” button.

Here the guide in simple form to download Aadhar Card Online:

1. Find the “Download Aadhar” selection in the official website

2. Choose Aadhar in the “I have” section

3. Fill in your 12-digits Aadhar number, full name, PIN Code, security code

4. Request OTP

5. Enter OTP when you receive it

6. Finish the quick survey

7. Click the “Verify and Download” to finish

FAQs: How To Download Aadhaar Card Online Apps

Q: I start to use a new phone number and I wish to download Aadhar card, what should I do?

A: You have to go to the nearest Aadhar Enrollment Center with an acknowledgment number to get your new mobile number updated.

Q: Which app can I use to download Aadhar?

A: You can use the mAadhaar app to do the job.

Q: If I update my personal information in my Aadhar, do I have to download the Aadhar again?

A: Yes you might have to download the Aadhar again after you update.

Check Aadhaar Card Status Online/Offline

If you have made any corrections, updates in your Aadhaar card online portals or offline at Aadhar service centers, then you should check your Aadhar card status online or offline.

Download Secure Masked eAadhaar Card Online

To use your Aadhar card number virtually, you should go with more safe steps while using the Aadhar number online. Now, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) make Aadhar card more safer using Masked Aadhar Card or eAadhaar. Know more about Masked eAadhaar and how to download Masked eAadhar card online.